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Lubricants & Specialty Products


Holly-Double-Flask-sRGB.JPGOur lubricants and specialty products are marketed by HollyFrontier Refining & Marketing LLC and include lubricants, basestocks, specialty process oils and waxes.  Most of the lubricant and wax production is manufactured at the Tulsa Refinery.  The lubricants group distributes through nine terminals in Fremont, California; Allerton, Georgia; Lexington, North Carolina; Houston, Texas; New Orleans, LA; Cleveland, Ohio; York, Pennsylvania and North Haven, Connecticut.  The principal products marketed by the lubricants group consist of lubricating oils (base, blended and process oils), waxes, horticultural oils and asphalt modifiers.

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Specialty Products

Approximately 10% of the Tulsa Refinery production consists of lubricants and specialty products which are categorized and explained below.  Each of these products can be custom blended in tank car-size quantities in order to satisfy customer requirements.


These solvent neutral ("SN") paraffinic products are specifically manufactured as base stocks or blending components in the manufacture of finished lube products. Typically these products are shipped to blender-compounders who prepare the finished product that is sold to end-users. Applications include passenger and commercial vehicle engine oils, specialty products for metalworking or heat transfer applications and other industrial applications.

Process oils

Some of the process oils produced at the Tulsa plant are designed for the rubber and chemical industry and are extracted from the refinery's Lube Extraction Unit (LEU) where enhanced chemical properties and low volatility is desirable. These highly refined oils are custom tailored for use in a wide variety of commercial applications including adhesives, coatings, and defoamers.


Soft and semi-finished waxes are used in the manufacturing of more flexible packaging, waterproofing corrugated board, emulsions, extrusion processing, candles, rubber, adhesives, gaskets and fire logs. The waxes are removed from oil by solvent crystallization and filtration and are de-oiled to produce a range of products differentiated by melting points.

Horticultural Oils

These highly refined process oils are used in horticultural sprays that can be applied as either a pesticide or herbicide carrier. The pesticide spray oils are paraffinic oils specifically designed to meet growers' requirements for an extremely effective pesticide with low toxicity. The herbicidal oils are used in conjunction with other herbicides as an adjuvant.  As carriers, these oils form a better spray pattern than herbicides used alone and improve penetration, dispersion, and anti-evaporative action for improved post-emergent weed control.

Asphalt Modifiers

The plant produces numerous hydrolene asphalt modifiers to accommodate the complete spectrum of asphalt applications and performance requirements. Hydrolene is available in both aromatic and paraffinic formulations, offering various viscosity and volatility characteristics for specific customer applications. Product applications include improving compatibility with polymer modified asphalts in the paving and roofing industry.


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