Our mission is to be the premier U.S. refining and logistics company.

Map of Operations



Subsidiaries of HollyFrontier Corporation own and operate five complex refineries with an annual average crude oil capacity of approximately 443,000 barrels per day.  Our refineries are complex refineries, which means that they can process heavier, less expensive types of crude oil and still produce a high percentage of gasoline, diesel fuel and other high value refined products.  Each of our five refineries has direct pipeline connections to major crude oil trading hubs within the United States, providing direct access to a wide variety of domestic and Canadian crudes, and also has access to regional, trucked crudes from local producers.  Our subsidiaries also manufacture and market lubricants and specialty products.  We manufacture and market asphalt products and other heavy products at our five refineries and at our asphalt terminals in Arizona and New Mexico. We focus our marketing efforts throughout the southwestern, Rocky Mountain, and mid-continent regions, which we believe are among the most attractive refined product markets in the United States.