NYSE: HFC 60.39 +1.31 +2.22% Volume: 5,317,762 4/24/2018 PM ET

Health & Safety

We put health and safety first. We conduct our business with primary emphasis on the health and safety of our employees, contractors and neighboring communities. We continuously strive to raise the bar, guided by our health and safety performance standards.

Environmental Stewardship

We care about the environment. We are committed to minimizing environmental impacts by reducing wastes, emissions and other releases. We understand that it is a privilege to conduct our business in the communities where we operate.

Corporate Citizenship

We obey the law. We are committed to promoting sustainable social and economic benefits wherever we operate.

Honesty & Respect

We tell the truth and respect others. We uphold high standards of business ethics and integrity, enforce strict principles of corporate governance and support transparency in all our operations. One of our greatest assets is our reputation for behaving ethically in the interests of employees, shareholders, customers, business partners and the communities in which we operate and serve.

Continuous Improvement

We continually improve. Innovation and high-performance are our way of life. Our culture creates a fulfilling environment which enables employees to reach their potential. We believe in creating our own destiny and that a constructive attitude toward change is essential.